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S6 Smart Rear Light

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Drivers Will See You From More Than 100 Meters At Night

The new S6 Smart Light is equipped with 16 super bright LED lamps. You get 50 lumens of output, which is bright enough to catch the eye of every nearby driver.

These 6 flashing modes will guarantee you get noticed

it's been scientifically proven that the human eye is attracted to movement, the S6 makes you even safer by taking full advantage of that fact. It gives you 6 flashing modes, that move in different patterns, which are impossible to ignore.

You can check the light modes here:

Never worry about batteries anymore

The S6's battery is USB rechargeable, lasts 36 hours on high mode and has an automatic sensor that turns it off when you're not riding to save energy.


  • Waterproof (Waterproof Grade: IPX6)
  • USB rechargeable
  • Automatic Light Sensor
  • 3.7V 900mAh 18350 Battery
  • Battery Duration: 36 hours
  • 50 Lumens output
  • Weight: 75g
  • 6 Flashing Modes
  • Fits  20-40mm seat posts (including aero seat posts)


Comparison Chart (prices from

When you compare the S6 with its competitors, not only it has unique features and brighter output, but also, with today's discount, a much better price.

S6 Smart Light 50 Lumens £21.95
Bontrager Flare R City 35 Lumens £29.99
Fabric FLR30 30 Lumens £29.99
Infini Sword Super Bright 50 Lumens £29.99
Cateye Rapid X Rear 50 Lumens £36.99
Cygolite Hotrod 50 Lumens £39.95


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Customer Reviews

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5 star review by Neill M., posted on 2018-03-26
Neill M.

Great item. Works great at night. The battery last quite a long time between charges.

5 star review by Marta P., posted on 2018-01-03
Marta P.

Very pleased ... best bike light for road cycling

5 star review by Peter A., posted on 2017-10-20
Peter A.

Well designed light packed with features. I especially like the automatic shut off/start up feature as I'm always forgetting to switch off after a ride. Good value.

5 star review by Stefan D., posted on 2017-06-12
Stefan D.

Great Quality. Long Capacity. Very good Look. I Love it.

5 star review by Stefan D., posted on 2017-06-12
Stefan D.

Great Stuff. Beautyfull Dedign. Nixe Price

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