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Fruit Cycling Jerseys

So I heard you like cycling and fruit, so we've made an entire collection of Fruit Cycling Jerseys! From Bananas to Avocados even Watermelons, who could imagine that fruits are not only healthy but serve as a great design for jerseys.

The first time I suggested to the team, that we should make a watermelon jersey, you'd expect they call me crazy, but here at Bright Cycling, we're pretty used to crazy design ideas. One of our designers even suggested that since the human brain evolved to pay attention to food and resources, a fruit cycling jersey would probably draw more attention in the road, than regular jerseys.

So you could basically say that fruit is not only good for your health, but could also avoid road accidents (just don't quote us on that, but I'd bet my money that it's probably true, right?)

Looking for a specific design, but couldn't find it here? Just send us a message suggesting a model and we'll soon make it available here. We can make the perfect jersey for you, be it short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, suitable for road, mtb, cyclocross, you name it.

We would love to make a design for all the existing fruits in the world, but there's only so much that our team can take (based on some of the diet of some of the guys here, I also don't think they have a great knowledge of fruit species, but they sure do know all type of coffee beans.)

All of our jerseys are made with quick-dry fabric, 30 UPF sun protection rating, 3 back pockets for supplies, and designed to reduce aero drag by up to 7.5%. We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over 70USD and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

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