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How To Fit Prescription Lenses

Fitting prescription lenses in Sports Glasses can be easier and much less expensive than most people think

here's a short step-by-step explanation of how you can manage to do it.

Many of our customers have difficulty reading their watches and computers when exercising.

You can get prescription lenses online, but they are usually extremely expensive, can't be adjusted after they've been delivered and most people don't want to worry about losing their glasses.

Our RX adapters offer an easier and less expensive solution to this problem.

Where can I get my prescription fitted?

We're not able to craft custom inserts at this moment, however fitting them is much easier than most people think.

What you have to do is take them to any local optician or prescription lenses retailer, such as Lenscrafter (US) or Specsavers (UK) and discuss what kind of lenses you’d like to fit. You can also take them to Walmart Pharmacy or Costco Pharmacy.

They usually deliver the same day you've placed your order and it can cost 75% less than purchasing an entire pair of customized prescription glasses.

Can I fit Bifocals or progressive lenses?

Yes you can, but in a minority of cases, some opticians might prescribe thicker lenses and say they're not able to fit them in the adapter.

Most of the time, going to another optician solves the problem.

I got my prescription fitted into the adapter, how do I use it with my Sports glasses?

It's quite simple, you just have to clip it in and it's done! Here's a video showing how it's done.

I'm still confused, can I ask you more questions about prescription?

Sure, if you're still not sure about whether you should order from us or not, just send us a message at

We're always willing to help customers to find out how we can provide better solutions for people who need prescription glasses.