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Tessera90 Polarised Glasses

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Improve your experience with 5 Lenses

Each set includes 5 different lenses designed to give you more visibility according to each situation:

All Lenses Are Flexible and Impact Resistant

Each one of the Tessera90 lenses is made of a composite of Polycarbonate that can absorb impact without shattering. It protects you from dust, debris, and flying insects.

Lenses made from that material are up to 10x more flexible than ordinary ones and have 100% UV protection built-in.

Polycarbonate is a material used in bulletproof glass, riot shields, and astronaut helmets due to its resistance.

Can be used with prescription lenses

Free RX adapter included

You can use prescription lenses by fitting prescription inserts into the Tessera90 RX adapter

Most local opticians can craft customs lenses according to your needs, including bifocals, provided that you bring the adapter to them,

Then, you can clip in or remove the adapter into your Tessera90 frame as it better suits you.

Weighs 42% less than other sports glasses

While the average pair of sports glasses can weigh more than 50g, the Tessera90 weighs only 29g due to its frame material:

TR-90, also called "super-elastic memorized resin, is anti-allergic, resists up to 350°C temperatures, and has maximum flexibility of 125kg/m2, making it impact resistant.

Designed to Not Fall Off

The curved shape allows the frame to stay on your face, no matter what activity you're engaged in.

The frame legs and silicon nose piece are flexible and adjustable to most face shapes and can be replaced by a headband for extra safety.

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Customer Reviews

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5 star review by Tim W., posted on 2018-08-18
Tim W.

Just what I wanted. I had my prescription added to the inserts and wear them for every ride. I rode the Wisconsin Dairyland Dare 150K route with them last week, no slippage, no pinching, and best of all the rubber across the top kept my sweat out of my eyes and off the lenses. I’m pretty sure I was sweating, those hills were rough, and I could see the sweat dropping off my helmet as I rode. I did manage to break the arms of the strap that comes in the set and after contacting the site they are sending me a new strap which surprised me to be honest. I was hoping to be able to purchase one. They performed so well without the strap during the Double D I may not need the strap. I’m very pleased.

4 star review by Martin B., posted on 2018-04-30
Martin B.

Think the polarised lens is great and the fit in general is very comfortable.

5 star review by david P., posted on 2018-05-18
David P.

These sunglasses are fantastic. They are extremely comfortable and look great too. The lenses are perfect. As I wear glasses I have had prescription lenses added to the optional insert frame and they work really well. The carrying case is really well thought out too.

5 star review by Ilona M., posted on 2022-11-29
Ilona M.


Great glasses - great fit, lens quality and look. Super quick shipping to the US as well. Very happy.

5 star review by Edward R., posted on 2022-04-04
Edward R.


Well, I finally got a chance to try these out..when the weather warmed enough for me to begin riding outside. I think these are great! They fit well, and these are the first glasses I've had that "wrap around" my face a bit. Here, in New Mexico, with desert sand and wind, that is a real game-changer in protecting my eyes. I also really like that I can have my prescription ground for the inserts, so I can see where I am going. My only "con", if this is one, is that the glasses insert for my prescription, is too small for my bifocal prescription. I was pretty sure that would happen, but it is a bit disappointing. Very happy with this purchase.

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