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Spider Touch Gloves

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Better Handlebar Control, Comfort and Safety

Your hands can get sweaty pretty quickly when you're cycling and unless you end up stressing your wrist, your grip ends up slipping from your handlebar.

The Spider Touch gloves are made with a unique combination of SBR rubber, cotton and breathable lycra that soaks up the sweat from your hands keeping them dry and giving you a better grip and handlebar control.

A Must Have if you care about cycling safety

The gel design relieves stress from your wrists allowing you to ride for longer times without being injured.

Everyone hopes they'll never be involved in accident, but in case you do, wearing these gloves can save your hands from serious damage.


  • Windproof
  • Thermal: keeps your hands warm
  • Thin enough to use your phone
  • Suitable for Winter/Autumn temperatures
  • Breatheable
  • Material: Lycra,Nylon,Cotton


Size Chart:

Please make sure to check the chart below before buying.

If you're in doubt, choose a bigger size. Feel free to contact us.

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