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NuraGrasp Wireless and USB Charging Phone Holder

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Carry your phone with the most convenient phone holder in the world. 

The new NuraGrasp uses a sturdy stainless steel design to hold your phone safely while keeping it fully charged with the latest Qualcomm's 3.0 Quick Charge technology and Qi 15W+ Wireless Charging.

The case is waterproof and strong enough to keep your phone intact, in case you hit any road bump.

  • Anti-Theft Lock Design
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Suitable Batteries: 12-24V
  • Power output: Qi 15W + QC3.0 fast charging
  • Suitable phone models: 4.7-7 inches (11.93-17.68 cm) phones
  • Suitable for: Motorcycles, Scooters, Electric Vehicles, Bicycles (needs a battery for charging)
  • Handlebar Suitable Circumferences: From 22mm. to 32mm.
  • Weight: 310g


Installation Instructions

1. Choose a suitable position to insert the mount,tighten the screw.

2. Clip into the holder (slightly force when clipped)

3. Adjust the holder to a appropriate angle and tighten the nut.

Additional steps for rear view mirror:

4. Remove the rearview mirror, insert the mirror mount and replace the rearview mirror, adjust the appropriate angle, and fix the rearview mirror

5.Install the holder in the rearview mirror mount, and then you can use it.

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