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Helios Solar Powered Front Light + 120 db Bell

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The only bike light that can be 100% powered by solar light

Unlike other front lights in the market, the Helios lithium battery can be fully charged with solar power.

You save time by not having to charge your batteries and eliminate the risk of going out without a functioning light.

Comes with an Eletronic Bell that can be heard from 100m during heavy traffic

This Eletronic Bell sound can reach up to 120 db. This is more than enough to alarm any distracted driver, even if he's listening to the Radio.

To give you an idea how loud this is here are some examples for comparison: Food Blender (88db), Garbage Truck (89 db), Power Lawn Mower (106 db), Live rock music (108 - 114 db) Military Jet at 50ft (130db).

Can be used as a power bank

Need to receive an important call when you're riding, but your battery is running out? This thing can work as a power bank and still work up to 8 hours.


  • Solar Powered
  • Can be recharged via USB
  • 350 Lumens
  • Can be programmed to automatically turn off during the day
  • Battery duration: From 3 (strong light mode) to (flashing light mode) 8 hours
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX4
  • 120 db Bell

Get Today a 350 Lumen Solar powered light + a 120 db bell for the price of a 200 lumen bike light

(prices from

By delivering the light directly from our manufacturer to you, we cut a lot of costs with middlemen. We also negotiated a discount which means that with today's price you get MUCH more for less, specially if you compare it to other front lights in the market:

Helios Solar Powered 350 lumens $59.90
Lezyne Super Drive LED 450 lumens $125.99
Light & Motion Urban 300 300 lumens $149.99
 Hope Vision 1 LED 240 lumens $113.90
Light & Motion Urban 200 200 lumens $89.99

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