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DuoLaser Rear Light

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Worry less and ride more with this new device

With the new DuoLaser you will be worrying less about drivers and enjoying your bike ride much more, while looking cool.

On the road people will notice and respect you.

That's because those laser beams will create your own bicycle lane, wherever you go.

Just imagine riding your bike on your own private lane, without having to worry about cars or other cyclists.

You can get it today for Free

This offer was made possible only because we've been growing our store and now we need to clear space in our international warehouse.

Due to high demand we had thousands of these rear lights in stock. To clear the space faster we're giving it to you for free. You read it right $0.

But there's a catch.. you pay for postage & packaging (Shipping and Handling).

So, here is our offer: you get a product that can save lives and you only pay for P&P.

If you get more than one it costs us less to send it, so you pay much less if you get two or more.

Since we announced this offer, orders are streaming in. We can't do such offer again, so we urge you to get yours now by clicking the "Buy it Now" button.


  • LED Light has 3 modes: Slow Strobe/Fast Strobe/Normal
  • Laser Lighting has 2 modes: Normal/Flashing
  • Battery duration: 9 to 36 hours
  • Batteries: 2 AAA Batteries ( not included )
  • Fits 20mm to 36mm seat posts 
  • Weight: 61 g / 2.15 oz 

*Avoid staring directly at the lasers. Keep it away from children. 

Delivery time is 2 to 5 weeks (UK & US - 1 to 3 weeks)

You'll receive your product within that time frame anywhere in the world.

Customer Reviews

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5 star review by Kimmo A., posted on 2017-10-06
Kimmo A.

Very good in the finnish darkness in the winter time.

5 star review by Larry K., posted on 2017-10-05
Larry K.

Great light and it’s safe.

4 star review by Ahcene M., posted on 2017-09-06
Ahcene M.

The bracelet (connection) is not strong enough. Could bbetter if it were stronger

1 star review by Sag D., posted on 2017-08-05
Sag D.

Received faulty disappointed should be quality checked before posting

5 star review by Jackson T., posted on 2017-06-05
Jackson T.

Best bicycle safety device I’ve ever bought. Had one of these for years, not only do drivers avoid your rear end but they slow down as they approach

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