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D-mount USB rechargeable Rear Light

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This 100 lumen light will make sure no one ignores you!

The D-Mount light has a versatile gel strap that can be attached to almost anywhere on your bike, including your helmet and your backpack.

It has 4 flashing modes and you can also choose between a single color light (White & Red) or dual color light (Red/White & Red/Blue)

Comparison with RSP Astrum and Infini Sword (red and blue)


  • 100 lumens
  • Waterproof (IPX6)
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Beam Angle: 120 degree chips, 240 degree diffuser
  • Battery Duration: Red Light - 3.5 hours (full mode) to 10 hours (flashing) / White & Blue Light - 7 hours (full mode) to 14 hours (flashing)


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Customer Reviews

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5 star review by Sarah B., posted on 2018-12-26
Sarah B.

Red & blue

Thirty miles off road very wet and muddy. The light was brilliant, stayed put, was super bright. Easy to use. Very pleased with it.

1 star review by Wayne E., posted on 2018-12-03
Wayne E.

Red & blue

You will see it's not working. That's how it's been since getting wet.

5 star review by Ian G., posted on 2018-11-07
Ian G.

Red & blue

Great value for money rear light that delivers a lot of light in different modes. Neat and tidy and easily worked. Easy fitment and removal could attract thieves though if left in situ. All in all, a great buy.

5 star review by Bairéad, E., posted on 2018-11-07
Bairéad, E.

Red & blue

The best rere light ever. The Red/blue combination is unmissable by all but the most blind drivers. Eoin

5 star review by Patricia J., posted on 2018-10-29
Patricia J.

Red & blue

Ride to work everyday, keeps me safe and car can see me

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