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Easyride Bicycle Bag

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Keep your phone and wallet safe while you're riding

If you ever had to bring your wallet and phone while you were riding, you probably didn't feel too comfortable.

I hope you never had the experience of watching your phone slipping from your pocket and crashing into the ground. Or having to worry that you'll be locked outside of your home because you lost your keys.

Fortunately there's a simple way to ride and not worry about your belongings. 

The Easyride Bicycle Bag keeps your phone, wallet, keys safe and still leaves enough space for a snack bar and a small bottle.

You can use your phone inside of it.

The transparent layer is thick enough to guard it against water and dust, but thin enough to keep your touchscreen reponsive.

You can see if someone's calling you and use your apps to track your progress or navigate maps, there's even a small hole for earbuds.

If it starts raining, don't worry. The Easyrider Bicycle bag is waterproof.

Make your life easier today by getting the Easyride Bicycle bag

Suitable for 5.7-6.2 inches phones
Materials: PVC, PU, polyester
Available Colors: Black-Yellow / Black / Blue-Black 

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Customer Reviews

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5 star review by William B., posted on 2017-08-01
William B.

Fast delivery, looks nice and the mobile phone cover is large enough that my 6 inch phone fits well.

5 star review by Ralph  R., posted on 2017-02-23
Ralph R.

Product received in perfect condition. Matches description 100%. Feels like strong material and has enough space to take all your stuff with you.

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