8 Easy ways to improve cycling performance

Cycling with proper posture not only can improve your performance and experience but also prevent pain and injuries.

We’ve compiled a list with 8 tips, to help you ride more efficiently.

1. Pay attention to your posture

Proper posture not only can improve your performance, but improve your mood and prevent injuries.

2. Don’t hunch your shoulders

Your shoulders should be behind the front wheel and down away from your ears.

As people get stressed while climbing a hill, they tend to creep up, so watch these shoulders! Relaxing your shoulders will also help your head posture.

3. Keep your head up

Your chin should be tucked in and your neck stretched. When you have to look forward, try moving your eyes upwards instead of your neck.

Our head weighs around 4.5kg, if you keep it down (like this guy in the picture) it's a sure way to guarantee pain.

4. Maintain a neutral Spine

Avoid hunching your back by maintaining your core engaged and your back straight and relaxed.

Strengthening your abs will help you protect your spine and sit properly during long rides.

5. Bend your elbows

Riding with locked elbows is a common mistake among cyclists.

You want to relax your elbows while riding, that way the impact from bumps doesn’t affect your neck and shoulders

6. Align your knees with your feet

Your knees should be above or slightly behind the centre of the pedal when it is in a horizontal position.

7. Adjust your hand position

There are several hand positions that you can choose, depending on the situation,
But always remember to not hold the bar too tightly and to relax by switching between positions once in a while. Cycling gloves also can help you prevent discomfort and injuries.

8. Pedal in a circle

Start by pushing your pedals and as you hit the 100° (or 3o clock range), pull your legs as if you were scraping the ground.


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