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Janus Photochromic Glasses

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Includes today: Prescription Adapter

See clearly day and night with Photochromic Technology

The Janus lenses contain special crystals that darken when exposed to sunlight.

At night they are transparent, but as light intensity increases, the lenses turn darker to protect your eyes and improve your visibility.

The sunnier it is, the faster it darkens.

Protects Your Eyes With Shatterproof Lenses

The Janus lenses is made of a composite of Polycarbonate that is able to absorb impact without shattering. It protects you from dust, debris and flying insects.


Lenses made from that material are up to 10x more flexible than ordinary ones and have 100% UV protection built-in.

Polycarbonate is a material used in bulletproof glass, riot shields and astronaut helmets due to its resistance.

Weighs 43% less than other sports glasses

While the average pair of sports glasses can weigh more than 50g, the Janus weighs only 28g due to its frame material:

TR-90, also called "super-elastic memorized resin, is anti allergic, resists up to 350°C temperatures and has a maximum flexibility of 125kg/m2, making it impact resistant.

Can be used with prescription lenses

You can use prescription lenses by fitting prescription inserts into the Janus RX Adapter

Most local opticians are able to craft customs lenses according to your needs, including bifocals, provided that you bring the adapter to them,

Then, you can clip in or remove the adapter into your Tessera90 frame as it better suits you.

Sits firmly on your face

Designed in a curved shape to stay on your face when you're moving. The frame legs and silicon nose piece are flexible and adjustable to most face shapes. (Inner width: 143mm/ 5.62'') 

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